Welcome to Awakened Potentials

Are you an open minded woman who is going through changes, challenges, life transitions, or just looking for a place where you feel understood, nourished, and supported?

Are you a woman who:

  • Has outgrown your current life and are feeling the uneasiness of the unknown?
  • Feels alone because you can't find other like minded, alternative, soulful women to support you?
  • Is going through divorce, midlife crisis, chronic illness, menopause, or other major life changes?
  • Is experiencing a deep longing and aching in your soul to find your life purpose and meaning in life?
  • Has been working on yourself forever and feels discouraged by the lack of progress that you see in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can reassure you that you are not alone…

It's not uncommon to feel helpless and out of control when faced with challenges and uncertainty, but women are especially hard on themselves during difficult times. Women are in familiar territory when it comes to selfless giving to others even at great expense to themselves.

"We've been socialized to value our contributions to our family or social group - our social worth - more than we value ourselves and our relationship with our soul" Christiane Northrup, MD

The result is they don't know how to be there for themselves or feel guilty when they are. They end up accepting less than they deserve, repressing their true desires, judging themselves harshly, and abandoning themselves bit by bit without even realizing it.

I know from personal experience what prevents most women from moving forward…

There's a deep inner conflict between your socialized self - who you were taught to be and believe you should be, and your enchanted soul - your instinctual, intuitive, authentic soulful self with direct access to abundant life force energy and deep inner wisdom. This conflict makes you feel torn in two with one foot on the gas and one on the break, resulting in depression, self doubt, feeling stuck and lost, and a compromised immune system.

"When we are cut off from our own truth, disconnected from our own wisdom and shut down in our heart, we block the flow of power and universal energy into our lives. When we reconnect with our truth and authenticity, these obstructions are removed and the power surges back through us." Barbara De Angelis

The good news is… there's a quickening going on at this time in history. This quickening is making everything more intense, but is also adding a lot of energy that is available to us if we know how to tap into it and use it. The Goddess is rising up on the planet and women need to give themselves permission to give themselves what they need so that they can allow her to rise up within them.

My Awakening Program

I've been dedicated to women's personal and spiritual growth my entire life working as a duola with midwives, educator, and ceremonial retreat leader. I have spent the past 20+ years developing and testing different techniques with many groups and coaching clients to awaken the inner wisdom of their enchanted soul. From these experiences and emerging from my own dark night of the soul, I created a four step process and workbook known as The Four Gateways To Re~enchantment™ that I use in my retreats, coaching, midlife support groups, workshops, and online tele~classes.

This process will help you break free of your inner conflicts, discover your true passions, power, purpose, and learn how to co-create with the universe. You accomplish this through ceremony, group process, and re-connecting with nature - embracing your challenges instead of resisting them - guiding you back home to your enchanted soul.

"The purpose of ceremony is to commune with the depths of ones being and to align that source place with the natural world." Sedonia Cahill and Joshua Halpern

This technique of combining ceremony with process can set you free to live the enchanted life ~ experiencing your world as a magical place with a transcendent dance between you and the universe ~ plugged directly into the juice of life ~ aligning you with the law of attraction… your spirit will soar!

I offer a variety of Online/Phone and In-Person services and retreats…

Eco~Spirit Retreats™ For Solitude

From May - November

Come to Enchanted Lake where I live on 40 acres in rural mid Michigan (35 miles NE of Grand Rapids) and experience peaceful solitude in your own safe, sacred, private environment to de-stress and connect with the earth. You will stay in a fully equipped 18 foot camper trailer with majestic views of the lake. The land has been passed down from woman to woman and is infused with powerful, nurturing, loving energy from mother earth. Women have been doing ceremony on this land for decades. To find out more click here.

Women's Wisdom Retreats™

I have been facilitating these day long retreat for two decades at Enchanted Lake (from May - November) and at other locations. The Four Gateways To Re~enchantment™ are combined with ceremony to help you reconnect with earth and awaken the inner wisdom of your intuitive, instinctual, authentic enchanted soul. To find out more click here.

Midlife Re-enchantment™ Support Groups, Workshops, and Tele~classes

Workshops and support groups at various locations around the Grand Rapids, Michigan area are ongoing. I also travel with one day or weekend workshops. We use the 90 page workbook which combines the four step process and ceremony to take you through the four gateways. To schedule one at your location or find out about local groups and workshops click here.

Enchanted Soul Path Coaching™

Whether you are in midlife or a woman of any age going through challenges, I offer personal care and attention via telephone and emails. We meet once per week for one hour and use the process and workbook to help you break free of your inner conflicts, discover your true passions, power, purpose, and learn how to co-create with the universe. Click here for more information.

Public Speaking

I am an Advanced Toastmaster and give lively, humorous, soulful inspiration talks to women's groups and organizations where I share personal stories and anecdotes from going through my own often dramatic challenges in my life. For more information click here.